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Vintage and Contemporary
Where beauty meets inspiration

Casa Rosanna is a place where beauty meets inspiration

From antique treasures to modern elegance, this is a must-visit for glass lovers and collectors alike; whether you're an antique collector, a lover of vintage charm or a fan of modern contemporary elegance, you'll find endless inspiration for your own spaces.


In the past Casa Rosanna was the drawing studio of Rosanna Toso, the last artistic director of Fratelli Toso glass factory. Our eclectic space is a reflection of Rosanna's impeccable taste and style, showcasing unique glass collectibles and vintage.


A cozy and curated space with the essence of the '70s, when it was created, where the beauty finds its home, even if it comes with different styles and from distant epoques; glass collection from the '900, contemporary glass, classic designs together with contemporary creations. Design, architecture, materials, all mixed in a harmonic symphony, a permanent dialogue that brings ideas, inspiration, creation.


For the grand opening, in occasion of The Venice Glass Week 2023, we were thrilled to welcome three extraordinary glass designers and craft makers who perfectly embody the style and wit of Casa Rosanna.

We had the pleasure to collaborate with contemporary artists and glass makers who perfectly complement the atmosphere of Casa Rosanna in a permanent dialogue and connection between vintage glass and the beauty of their contemporary designs - a bridge between the past and the present of art glass.

Marina e Susanna Sent
Micheluzzi Glass
Barbini Specchi Veneziani


The fusion of vintage and contemporary glass can indeed form an exciting dialogue, a symphony of design and craftsmanship.

Marina and Susanna Sent's pieces, when paired with the vintage masterpieces of Fratelli Toso, create a breathtaking spectacle. The juxtaposition of old and new, of timeless elegance and modern chic, tells a riveting story. Each piece, each detail, sparks a new idea, inviting us to explore the endless possibilities of what can be achieved with Murano glass.


The charm of a vintage corner bar, adorned with vintage furniture and vintage wallpaper - it's like stepping back into a time of elegant sophistication! Imagine this - a stunning vintage showcase where the contemporary Murano glasses by Micheluzzi Glass find the perfect fit. This harmonious blend creates an incredible source of inspiration, sparking new ideas and designs. It's proof that vintage and contemporary can complement each other beautifully, creating a unique and dynamic style that's truly inspiring!


Reflecting on the art of mirror-making at Casa Rosanna - the exquisite mirrors from Barbini Specchi Veneziani. Blending traditional techniques with contemporary design, their creations are truly a work of art. These playful mirrors effortlessly enhance your room with amazing effects. Looking for inspiration and new ideas to transform your personal spaces? Look no further!

The magic of Casa Rosanna refelcted and moltiplicated by the eclectic mirrors by Barbini.

Casa Rosanna

2023 - OPENING

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