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1854 - 2024
Masterpieces born to last over time
and create a permanent dialogue between memory, present time and possible future

Fratelli Toso is one of the oldest glass factories in Murano; it was founded back in 1854 by six Toso brothers.

Its main artistic production focused on murrina making: one of the most traditional Murano glassmaking techniques.

Fratelli Toso intertwined many important collaborations with renowned designers and artists during '900, but it has always been a family business.


In 2024 we take the chance to rethink the role of glass art from the past: it does not belong only to museum showcases, it integrates with spaces and architecture, it communicates with other materials and environments as part of a whole.


Is it possible to create a dialogue with modern design and contemporary art to foster new ideas, to be a source of imagination and inspiration?


Same family Same name Same address

New ideas New projects New inspiration


170 anniversary: we celebrate a family project that keeps on renovating and evolving.

We take the chance to cherish our history and our tradition, an important reality part of the Venetian heritage and local artistic-artisan culture, by increasing the knowledge of Fratelli Toso artistic production throughout '900.

'900 Collection
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