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About Us

Today Fratelli Toso is a historical and cultural reality; an art gallery that preserves the collection of art glass made by the Fratelli Toso during the 900s. The main goal is to preserve the collection of art glass and make its value known through dissemination, exhibitions and other activities. The process of value creation breaks away from the idea that the art of the past only belongs to closed showcases; the Fratelli Toso Collection is narrated as a living cultural heritage, a solid starting point for activities and collaborations that contribute to reinventing the tradition of Murano art glassmaking by creating contaminations in the world of art and craftsmanship. The historical archive, preserved and scanned, is an integral part of the Collection's heritage, a testimony to the life and history of the glassworks since its inception and a certification of the Collection's provenance and originality.

Casa Rosanna is our latest project: opening in 2023, Casa Rosanna is Fratelli Toso's satellite gallery. A furnished space, with a retro aesthetic, created from the design studio of Rosanna Toso, the last artistic director of the historic glassfactory.
A small incubator where glass is protagonist and finds its perfect dimension interacting with the space, the furniture, the other materials and everything else that Casa Rosanna contains. 
A space set up that becomes a source of inspiration and new ideas: a space that continuously integrates new elements and becomes the perfect place for lovers of the beautiful, vintage and contemporary.

Famiglia Toso
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