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Rosanna Toso

Rosanna Toso

VAT Included

Rosanna was born on 27th June 1941 in Murano. Direct descendent of one of Fratelli Toso glass factory founders in 1854, she was part of the 4th generation of Toso engaged in the family business.

She began as a designer at Fratelli Toso in 1964 and she became its artistic director in 1973, first woman with a managerial role in a business since then always dominated by male family members.

At first Rosanna engaged with interior lighting and tableware design, well contextualized in Fratelli Toso contemporary production. She never quit experimenting and innovating; she created many limited edition lines of unique masterpieces. Rosanna was a talented glass engraver, decorator, she designed her own murrinas inspired by traditional Fratelli Toso patterns but re-interpreted with an innovative touch.

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