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Fratelli Toso between the 60s and 70s

Venice Glass Week 2022

10-25 September 2022

Between the 1960s and 1970s Fratelli Toso glassfactory became an interpreter of the minimalist current; monochromaticism, a predilection for the use of crystal, black and white, essential lines and simple, linear motifs. Designs conceived to be reproduced on a large scale gained the upper hand; the uniqueness of the glass produced up to that time, limited and exclusive editions, was contrasted with the politics of the object that had to be reproducible on a large scale so as to become accessible to the large market.

The protagonists of this turning point are the heirs of the 4th generation Fratelli Toso - Rosanna, Renato and Giusto Toso together with their collaborators. Each in their own way and with their own personal interpretation, they devote themselves to the creation of miscellaneous objects, tableware, interior lighting, all designed to be included in Fratelli Toso's sales catalogs.
A less known production and less identifiable with the Fratelli Toso style, but an extremely interesting phase from the point of view of glass design; a parenthesis in step with the times.

One more piece of insight into the history of Murano glassmaking.

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