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Murrina between tradition and innovation

Venice Glass Week 2022

10-25 September 2022

A true trademark of Fratelli Toso glassfactory has always been the murrina: decisive patterns, intense colors, plays of light. Some of the best expressions in this workmanship are achieved in the 50s and 60s. The Kiku, the Redentore, the Millepunti, the Foglie, the Farfalle, the Spirale, and the Merletto are just a few of the murrinas created during this period. Limited edition productions whose added value is given by the uniqueness and exclusivity of the murrine work; even the pieces of the same line are different from each other, differences sought and emphasized as the highest expression of artistic craftsmanship in high quality glass.


About 40 selected masterpieces from the Fratelli Toso Collection, chosen for the strength of their colors will be on display. Vases of strikingly modern design and made with incredible craftsmanship; works born to overcome time and create a permanent dialogue between memory, present and possible future.


The focus will be on chromatic impact more than on any other aspect; a fresh look at the works seen not so much according to the year of production, the master maker or their designer, but purely on their aesthetic impact, intrinsic characteristics that prescind from any other information. Proving that when the art of the past can speak and communicate in contemporary language, traditions are renewed and remain alive.

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