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Nerox Pittorico

Vase Nerox Pittorico

Designer Pollio Perelda
H 35 cm

The Nerox Pittorico vase is a masterpiece by Pollio Perelda: from the elongated neck you have drips of colored glass almost as if it were colored paint. The body features golden "petoni." Everything in this work is innovative: the form, the use of color, the play of contrasts between the nerox and gold of the petons and the castings of bright colors. All of Pollio Perelda's creative flair and training as a painter emerges powerfully, which he pours into this design that, while traditionally made in Murano, transcends the Fratelli Toso style. Modern, sinuous, it is a work that stands out as unique among the Fratelli Toso designs of those years.

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