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Kiku sparse

Vase Kiku Sparse

Designer Ermanno Toso
H 36 cm

Vase with Kiku murrine scattered on monochromatic red murrine.
The murrina Kiku is an original design by Ermanno Toso. Designed in the early 1950s, it has been declined in different versions, shapes and colors. This vase, a unique work, is made using kiku murrine scattered on monochromatic red murrine; the real mastery lies in the working of the murrine without any deformation. Large vase, solid, imposing, strong colors; a piece that chromatically catches the eye and attention in any setting. A meadow of flowers on fire, one of the most remarkable examples of the Kiku Sparse series. In the early 1960s a commemorative publication was produced by the Fratelli Toso firm - on the occasion of its 110th anniversary - in which all the murrine designed since World War II were reproduced in their entirety.
The colors and shapes lead us back to the exact period of creation and allow us to date each glasswork accurately.

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