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Vase Foglie

designer Ermanno Toso
H 31 cm

Foglie is a murrina designed by Ermanno Toso in the 1960s. It exists in 3 distinct variants, all of which, however, have in common a very complex internal pattern with motifs repeated several times, recalling precisely the characteristic texture of leaves; looking at them carefully one glimpses the characteristics of other famous murrinas designed by Ermanno Toso during the 1950s, reworked and interpreted with a different eye. In this Foglie vase, one-off masterpiece, leaf murrines of the three variants are juxtaposed: one with small kiku murrines fused together, one with a vertically repeated "zebra" motif, and one divided into symmetrical sections of the same color. With a strong visual impact of predominantly red, this vase when illuminated reveals the transparency of the murrine, transforming it completely.

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