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Vase Stellato

Designer Pollio Perelda
H 37 cm

The vases Stellati are original designs by Pollio Perelda. Several lines of them were made during the 1960s, limited editions that differed from each other in the kind of murrina Stellate used and the way these were worked in the making of the vases. In this unique work, Perelda started from the idea of using murrine Stellate, whose internal pattern always resembles stylized stars, but instead of keeping them regular following the classic style, he preferred to transform them, stretching and blending them in order to achieve artistic effects very similar to brushstrokes of color. While recognizing the shape of the basic murrine, the way it is hot-worked causes the boundaries between one and the other to be lost; they are swirls, brushstrokes, colorful and sinuous flows that transcend the murrine itself, giving rise to unique works with a very strong visual impact.

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