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VAT Included

It is impossible to fully represent all the twentieth century Muranese glass factories, with all their different aspects and rich productions, in one single exhibition. Therefore, the objective is to portray Murano's essence during the last century: a forge of ideas, art and innovation, without forgetting its productive and commercial side. We have chosen the best works for each of the selected glass factories and the most representative pieces for each artistic period, with the aim of highlighting the most relevant and interesting results of such an exciting period for the local glass production. The exhibition is a century by century overview that compares the contemporary production of glass factories and represents the overall internal artistic evolution. The itinerary is supplemented by drawings, catalogues and other material from the historic archives of the glass factories: they are added to provide an even deeper understanding of the complexity of this universe, which combines artistic design, craftsmanship and knowledge of glass. The historic archives show the importance of commercial production for Murano in the 1900s: tableware, lighting and everyday objects. This is what kept the industry alive and that's the reason why the historic archives mainly include drawings and pictures relating to mass production: it was a high-level artisan production but aimed at commercialization on a large scale. Stylistic and technical innovations were reserved for great exhibitions, when glass factories were asked to show the best of their art: these unique pieces or small series were only later produced if they had been commercially successful.

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