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VAT Included


Designer Rosanna Toso


H 20 cm x W 12 cm


This design showcases all the creative flair of Rosanna Toso, the last artistic director of Fratelli Toso in the 1970s and 1980s. Once again Rosanna chooses murrina for her designs; an elegant murrina, with a perfect balance of colors and contrast between opacity and transparency; blue and white exterior, solid frame, with the warm elegance of the central amethyst. The piece is meticulously crafted, making it a collectible vintage Murano glass treasure.
Murrina is derived from one of the oldest and most traditional glassmaking techniques; it involves creating patterns or images in a glass rod, which are revealed when the rod is cut into thin cross sections. The slices obtained from the original rod are juxtaposed on a plane and then heat-worked to shape the final object. The process of making murrine is complex and requires a high level of skill to be executed.
Delicately handcrafted, this vase speaks of the fascinating artistic imagination of Rosanna, who, while always remaining close to the family tradition, managed to distinguish herself through the elegance of her glass designs.


    • This glasswork comes from the private collection of the Toso family, heirs of the Fratelli Toso gassfactory.
    • Documentation to certify the glass comes directly from the Fratelli Toso historical archives.
    • Certificate of originality and provenance included.

    Return time, costs and conditions:

    • The item can be returned no later than 14 days from the time of purchase.
    • Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs; original shipping costs will not be refunded.
    • A refund is only guaranteed if the returned item is returned to the seller in perfect condition
    • Verified the conditions of return, the seller will arrange the refund in 10 business days.

    Broken/damaged shipping:

    • Shipping are covered by insurance
    • In the event the item arrives damaged and/or broken, the buyer must document its condition upon receipt with appropriate photographic documentation; such documentation must be sent promptly to the seller. Upon receipt of notice and documentation, the seller will proceed to initiate the appropriate paperwork for a refund request.

    • Shipping time and cost depend on the destination indicated by the buyer at the time of purchase.
    • The package is entrusted to the courier within 3 working days after purchase.
    • At the time of shipment, the buyer is communicated with the tracking number to monitor the status of the shipment.
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