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Vase Cattedrale

designer Pollio Perelda
H 37 cm

The Cathedral murrina is an original design by Pollio Perelda. First made in the late 1950s, it was reproduced until the mid-1960s; murrina Cattedrale has always the same internal pattern and shape but those have been crafted with different varieties of colors, although the colors most frequently used are dark hues tending toward blue. Perelda's aptitude as a painter also emerges well in this design; the cathedral murrines recall the large stained glass windows of cathedrals. Incredible plays of transparency and opacity those give very interesting color effects when exposed to light changes. The vases made with this murrina are true works of art, glass that can change completely with respect to their placement in space, whether lit artificially or by natural light. Amazing plays of light and shadow make these glasses perfect for interacting with any environment. What makes them unique is the great craftsmanship in both the making of the murrine and the skill and precision with which they are worked to form the final shape of the vase.

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