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Kiku Redentore

Vase Kiku Redentore

Designer Ermanno Toso
H 32 cm

This wonderful masterpiece by Fratelli Toso is made with Kiku and Redentore murrine-both designs by Ermanno Toso. The Kiku murrine recalls the motif of a stylized flower, while the Redentore is reminiscent of the explosion of fireworks: the reference is to the famous Venetian festival of Redentore during which every year fireworks are display in front of St. Mark's! The murrine Kiku and Redentore are juxtaposed with each other and skillfully fused together with great skill by the master glassmaker without distortion of the inner pattern. The result is a masterpiece of elegance and color; a work that conveys lightness despite the strong impact colors, this unique work is a wonderful example of Fratelli Toso's artistic murrine production between the 1950s and 1960s.

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