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Vase Kiku

Designer Ermanno Toso
H 34 cm

One of the most iconic and representative designs of Ermanno Toso's work after World War II. Colored Kiku murrina juxtaposed in a dense pattern reminiscent of a field of colored daisies. The Kiku murrina was produced during the 1950s and also used in the 1960s; same pattern but declined in many different colors, shapes, sizes. In this case the vase is made with the same Kiku murrina, same shape, same size and same internal pattern, but different colors. Light vase, the texture of the murrine is perfectly appreciable at the tactile level by stroking the surface. This vase is part of a series of juxtaposed Kiku murrine vases; the vases, different only in height, were also forged with the same shape. Designed to be seen together they recall a large garden very dense with colorful daisies in bloom.

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