Glass factory storyline


This family tree includes only a small part of the Toso family; it mentions only people actually involved in Fratelli Toso glass factory.

[Gable C. I., Murano Magic, Schiffer Publishing Ltd, PA 19310 USA]


Fratelli Toso has always been a real "family business": rarely "strangers" surnames apppear in its history and when it happens it is often related to Toso women's marriages.

Here a timeline based on key events during Fratelli Toso history.

1854 - Ferdinando, Carlo Nicolò, Liberato, Angelo, Giovanni, Gregorio Toso started up Fratelli Toso: Gregorio Toso is appointed as first manager of Fratelli Toso.

1897 - after Gregorio Toso death, his nephews Nicolò and Lorenzo become managers of Fratelli Toso.

1917 - the factory is transferred to Livorno during 1st World War.

1924 - Archimede Toso, son of Giuseppe Toso, is appointed company manager since when the factory is restored in Murano.

1933 - Fratelli Toso experienced a period of low productivity. As a consequence old partners decide to leave the business to their sons and other external partners: in 1936 Ermanno, Michele, Alfio, Aldo Toso together with Amleto Zuffi and Armando Zuffi take over the company appointing Michele and Ermanno Toso as unlimited partners.

1948 - After 2nd World War, Fratelli Toso production is back up to speed most of all thanks to the return of American costumers. In the same year Pollio Perelda is hired as designer.

1956  - Arnoldo Toso, Michele's son, joins the family business

1964 - Rosanna Toso, Arnoldo's sister, joins the company as designer.

1968 - Ugo Zuffi and Licio Zuffi join the company as unlimited partners in place of their fathers, Amleto and Armando Zuffi.

1973 - Both Ermanno Toso and Licio Zuffi die.

1974 - Ermanno Toso's sons, Renato and Giusto, withdraw from the company while Massimo Zuffi joines Fratelli Toso replacing his father Licio. After Ermanno's sons withdrawal Fratelli Toso is run by Arnoldo Toso and Aldo Toso.

1980 - Fratelli Toso sas, which is going through a deep crisis, decides to loan the activity to two different societies, also to solve Arnoldo and Aldo disagreements.

1981 - Fratelli Toso sas leases the business to two different societies: Fratelli Toso 1854 INTERNATIONAL (run by Arnoldo's cousins and uncles) and Antica Vetreria Fratelli Toso snc (run by Arnoldo Toso).

1983 - Fratelli Toso 1854 INTERNATIONAL closes down while Antica Vetreria Fratelli Toso of Arnoldo Toso is still in business and it NEVER stops its activity.